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  • 24 hours
  • 17 Avenue|Location 1

Cancellation Policy

GENERAL RULES 1. Members are expected to leave the premises by closing time. 2. No loud or abusive language permitted. 3. No alcohol, smoking, or drugs allowed on the premises. 4. THE SALE, DISTRIBUTION, OR PROMOTION OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE REVOCATION OF MEMBERSHIP AS DEEMED SATISFACTORY BY MANAGEMENT. 5. No personal notices, advertising or other literature, either posted or for distribution is allowed without the express written permission of the management. 6. Adjustment to the television, radio, heater, air condition, fans and other equipment may be made by staff only. 7. No members are allowed behind the front desk. 8. Visitors or children under 15 are restricted to the lounge area or childcare and may be subject to costs. 9. Cups, papers, and trash should be disposed of in the proper receptacles. 10. Members are requested to use pay phones or courtesy phones (if available) for outgoing personal calls. 11. Members may be paged ONLY in case of emergency. 12. ELK FITNESS reserves the right to refuse admittance and the use of the facility to anyone. 13. Members must remove outdoor shoes before entering the exercise floor. Only indoor shoes are allowed in the Gym. 14. No use of chalk or dropping of weights. 15. Members may not enter offices or other staff restricted areas unless authorized by management. 16. ELK FITNESS may require official medical clearance documents in participation of Health Club Activities. 17. The member’s failure to use the club/non-attendance is not grounds for cancellation and or non- payment of the agreement. 18. Photos and/or videos of club may be taken and used for social media and advertising purposes EXERCISE FLOOR 1. Members are required to wear shirts on the exercise floor. 2. Athletic shoes must be worn on the exercise floor at all times. 3. Members must be properly attired in standard workout clothes while in exercise areas. Swimsuits, underwear, and street clothes are not allowed on the gym floor. Proper athletic shoes must be worn, no sandals, or street shoes allowed. 4. No food or workout bags are allowed on the exercise floor. 5. Weights, bars, barbells, dumbbells, and other weightlifting equipment are restricted to the free weight areas only.

Contact Details

  • 2018 17 Ave, Didsbury, AB, Canada



  • Elk Fitness, 17 Avenue, Didsbury, AB, Canada


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